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March 26, 2015
By Stan Silliman

 The MVP race in the NBA calls for a rap. See if you don’t agree:
He came from Charlotte
Daddy name of Dell
A loosed limbed baller
shootin’ faster than hell
Creates for Golden State
So fast there is no wait
With Klay he drains the splash
His bro… so money they like cash
On defense he’s harrassin’
Assistin’ and a passin’
Buckets he amassin’
He’s the Baby-Faced Assassin
He’s the Beard you always feared
He resembles Kimbo Slice
Crosses you over, not once but twice
Euro steps you in the face
Can’t stop him with even mace
Launched the Rockets to record pace
His beard be seen from space
On late game shots he ain’t no coward
Doing this all with no Dwight Howard
Gets to the line like no one’s business
In a style uniquely his-ness
There’s no gardin’ one James Harden
Next we find The Mask
Charged with daunting task
Of leading gimpy Thunder
At a pace so fast you’ll all but wonder
How he survives broken hand, broken face
No Serge, no KD… yet stays in the playoff race
With trippy dubbies at a pace
With MJ, Wilt and Oscar be compared
Flying so high… the air be rared
No one outruns Russell
No one has his drive, his hustle
And on fashion, he’s all muscle

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