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By Stan Silliman
Blake Griffin Influencing NBA Trade Activity?

You will say this is preposterous, and you will say no one player can determine who gets traded to whom. But I'll say it anyway: the common thread among the players involved in many of these major NBA trades is they've been dunked on by Blake Griffin.
You doubt me?

Just because my name is Silliman, you don't think there's a chance I might have an idea that's not silly? Just for fun, check out these names:

·    Timofey Mozgov

·    Danilo Gallinari

·    Jeff Green

·    Nenad Krstic

·    Corey Brewer

·    Shelden Williams

Do you think the general managers sit in their offices and say, "There's a poster on this guy. Now if he were in a Nuggets uniform, it won't sell as well."?

That's where my theory is heading. If a guy gets posterized, he's on the trading block. And he doesn't have to be posterized just by Griffin; it's just that he does it so often.

Timofey Mozgov and Danilo Gallinari are two nice young players both averaging in the mid-teens. Is that how they're remembered? No!

They're both on posters from the same night when Blake laid 44 on the Knicks. Google their names, and a video pops up with them being dunked on by the Griffinator. Now tell me how many times Donnie Walsh , D'Antoni or James Dolan have seen these videos.

When Carmelo trade talks began, did these images pop up? Just a little bit? Maybe?
Shelden Williams is "the Landlord."

He blocks your path, your shots and if you haven't paid your rent to be in his house, you ain't coming in. That was his nickname at Duke, and he carried it with him into the league, until Blake had to go and trespass. When the Nuggets were packaging players to go along with Carmelo, did they remember this video?

That's my theory, "We're looking to trade someone. Did anyone here get dunked on by Blake Griffin?"
The Oklahoma City Thunder traded Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic to the Boston Celtics for Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson. Green has the ideal name to be a Boston Celtic, and Krstic is big-man finesse player who can power up once in a while.

What do Jeff and Nenad have in common, besides being teammates and all that stuff? They were both dunked on by Griffin in the same play. It was the Clippers' first win of the year, and Blake dunked over both players with emphasis.

Corey Brewer comes from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Knicks.The Wolves wanted Anthony Randolph, but couldn't figure out who to deal.

Luckily for them, they had the Blake File of 137 dunks from which to select. I'm sure they asked, "Are any of our guys on here?"

David Kahn ponders, "Why, yes. Right here, Mr. Florida Gator, Corey Brewer. Let's trade."
Blake Griffin Influencing NBA Trade Activity?  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
Here's the completion of my theory. Not everyone who gets dunked on by Blake Griffin gets traded. After all, he dunked 137 times the first half of the season. If that amounted to one person each per dunk, one-fourth of the league would need to switch places.

That would be too unsettling.

Not everyone who got traded was dunked on by Blake Griffin.  We know that, but this also works into my theory. Many of the other players involved in trades, such as Shane Battier, Jamario Moon, Anthony Carter, Goran Dragic and Hasheem Thabeet, were dunked on during the year. And many of those dunks could be classified as posters.

It's like the wild west, with the Main Street gunfight being the goal defender against the dunker. If you give it up too many times, you might become trade bait.

It comes down to this: if you get dunked on, management may look to unload you. If you get dunked on during a critical juncture of the game, even more so. If the guys don't have the hops to dunk on you, your job is safe, for a while. But if you get posterized with a high hard one bouncing off your noggin, management will remember it longer. It sticks.

Now to complete the theory, if a guy registers 137 dunks (three per game average) in the first two-thirds of the season, the likelihood is he'll dunk on your team. He'll find you when you least expect it and dunk on you, too. That guy could be Griffin, and you could be trade bait.

That's my theory. Feel free to rip.

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