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Silliman on Sports
By Stan Silliman
From Blue Fields to the Silver Screen   

      “Is this Frank Zang, director of marketing for Boise State?”
        “Yes, this is Frank. And you are…?”
        “Stan Silliman. But never mind who I am. Frank, I have to ask you. Are you watching the Oscars, tonight?”
        “Yes, of course…”
        “Good, because I want you to know I think we can get your fantastic season, your miracle Fiesta Bowl win, your little guy versus Goliath, your Johnson guy proposing to his girlfriend, all that… are you ready?”
        “I’m not sure what you’re driving at…”
         “I think we can get all that onto the big screen. We can feature film your story. Fiesta Bowl – most exciting game of this century. We can outdo “We are Marshall” and we can out-glory “Glory Days” and just think in a year or two, you can be up there on the Academy Award stage because we came up with the “Best Adapted Screen Play.” And if you don’t mind promoting it with a little pun, that hook-and-ladder your team ran… we could call it an adapted screen play so it ties in. Do you see?’
        “Yes, but I’m not sure…”
        “I want to buy the rights to your story. And then you and I, together, will adapt your 13-0 season, miracle finish, zing it up for Hollywood, make it a tearjerker, a Rudy with blue tutti-fruitti. Do you follow?”
        “You want to make a movie?”
        “I want the rights. I want to work with you to make a screenplay. We’ll make money. Boise State will get great pub. Boise State will make money. You’ll have enough you can then afford to dye your field green.”  

From Blue Fields to the Silver Screen by Stan Silliman     humor sports comedy cartoons articles

        “Hold it. Dye our field green? We like our blue field.”
        “Of course you do. I’m sure everybody does. Keep it blue if you want but we need to get working on the project while it’s still fresh in the consciousness. A story like Marshall needed a sufficient mourning period. Glory Days needed an anniversary date but your story works best while it’s hot. What if we wait too long and Ian Johnson and his cheerleader fiancé gets hitched and then divorced? That kills that particular angle. What if Zararinksy or whatever your quarterback was flops out of the NFL? There’s another story line squashed. When you’re a pop-culture item, you’ve got to pop.”
        “So you would write this? What makes you think you can capture…?”
        “I write a sports column. I’m into the game. I watched the Fiesta Bowl from start to finish at a sports bar.”
        “You did? And you know our history and Coach Peterson and what we’d want to feature?”
        “You can get several hundred thousand for the story and movie options. If the movie does well, then maybe a piece of the action or points. But, yes, we’ll work in your history and we’ll build up the history of your opponent and how well respected they are and how they were the establishment and all that. What I don’t know, I can learn. Even though I watched the game from Norman, Oklahoma, I can…”
        “Did you say Norman? And you’re willing to pay big money for the rights? Do you have partners? Producing partners? Does one of them rhyme with “oops?”
        “Sir, I’m not at liberty to divulge…”

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