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By Stan Silliman

The Bobcats lost their last 23 games in a row, leaving them with the fewest ever NBA wins.

Now even Dr. Pepper doesn’t want to advertise with them. And for Michael Jordan, the owner of the Bobcats, it’s even worse. After all, he’s Mr. 23, the greatest player of all time. This is a painful way to remind people. 

I wanted to research this, find out everything I could about the Bobcats. But it turns out they don’t have a website… they can’t string three Ws together. 

Okay, that’s a joke. But what is there about the Bobcats that isn’t?

Did you hear the one about twelve millionaires sitting together watching the NBA playoffs on TV? Yeah, the Bobcats. I can’t stand that one. I feel sorry for these guys. I feel sorry for Charlotte, named after the wife of King George III.  I guess a lot of cities are named after wives of Kings but this particular one was the wife of the “Mad King” also known as the “King Who Lost the Colonies.”  If that’s not a foreshadowing of haplessness, I don’t know what is. Thank goodness they didn’t have to deal with one of their senators going through a nasty scandal, like that John Edwards fellow. Oh, wait a moment…

I feel bad they had to endure George Shinn when they had the Hornets. I feel bad for their players, especially the hustlingest NBA player ever, Eduardo Najera.  I feel sorry for Bismack Byombo, who came all the way from the Congo with dreams of being an NBA star only to remember that his Congolese name translated to “Anywhere But… the Bobcats.” I feel sorry for Corey Maggette who bounced all over the league looking for a town where you can find really, really good spaghetti and when he finds it, it turns out to be Charlotte. 

Michael Jordan says he has a plan. I’m sure he does. Other more cynical Charlotteans think Jordan’s plan is, providing they ever make the playoffs, is to watch them on television. That’s their way of saying Jordan doesn’t seem all that interested. After all, he only spent $ 175 million for the Cats. It wasn’t Magic Johnson Dodger money. Of course, as my friend Steve Hofstetter says, the amount Jordan spent is exactly $ 175 million more than anyone else was willing to pay.
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One thing Jordan might consider is to add basketball people to his management team instead of filling all the executive positions with Jordanaires. All his current guys, like Polk, Whitfield, Bennett and Hampsten were executives pushing the Jordan brands or NFL guys with the Bills or the Dolphins. None of them have been NBA executives with other NBA teams.  I’d think, if he doesn’t want to be laughing stock of the league, he’d pay a decent salary to an experienced NBA general manager and then let that guy run it. Otherwise, the number 23 he’ll be remembered for won’t be the jersey number.

Finally, let’s mention Coach Paul Silas. We were born in the same year one week apart. We went to different schools together. The former Celtic averaged 20 rebounds a game and he’s been given a really, really poor roster to work with. Can’t help but feel sorry for Paul except for one thing, he’s my age and he gets to coach in the NBA. Sorry, Paul.

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