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By Stan Silliman
Bud and Lou at the Brick  

      Lou: So, Bud, this is Indy Five with three gals driving this race? And you know the names of all the drivers?
Bud: I can tell you who’s up first, who’s up second and what all the dames are driving.
Lou: You can? So you’ve done this before? Well, then, who’s up first?
Bud: Helio.
Lou: Hello, back. I asked who’s up….
Bud: And I told you… Helio.
Lou: You KNOW me. Hi. Hey there. Howdy. I just wanted to know who is starting the race. Who is driving the first car?
Bud: Helio.
Lou: I just want to know who was driving the first car. Forget it. Can you name the lady drivers?
Bud: Sure. Patrick, Fisher and Duno.
Lou: So you don’t know all their names?
Bud: I just told you.
Lou: No you didn’t. You said Patrick… and what kind of a name is Patrick for a dame?
You said Fisher. And Bud, you’re trying to hook me. And the last one…
Bud: Duno.
Lou: That’s what I mean. I thought you said you KNEW all the names!!
Bud: I do.
Lou: Now, wait a minute. You just told me Patrick. You told me Fisher. But the last one??
Bud: Duno.
Lou: That’s what I said. You DON’T know!!!
Bud: But I do.
Lou: Okay. Who’s leading off?
Bud: Helio.
Lou: Will you quit that? All I want to know is when the cars leave the line at 12:00 sharp…
Bud: He’ll be in car # 8, in the 12th position.
Lou: Who?
Bud: Sharp.
Bud and Lou at the Brick  by Stan Silliman     humor sports comedy cartoons articles
Lou: “Gentlemen, start your engines.” When they say that … at twelve noon sharp, there’ll be three ladies… and you don’t know their names. One’s a fisher, one has a man’s name and the other…
Bud:  Duno.
Lou: That’s what I said!!
Bud: So do you want to order drinks or do you want to meet one of the lady drivers?
Lou: How can we if you don’t know their names?
Bud:  Milka.
Lou: I’m thinking soda pop.
Bud:  Duno.
Lou: You can’t decide between milk or soda?
    Bud: Milka Duno.
Lou: Will you just make up your mind? Milk or soda? Either you know or you don’t.
Awwww!! This is worse than going with you to a baseball game.

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