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Dallas Amnesia Victim: Hows Romo by Stan Silliman   humor sports comedy cartoons


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By Stan Silliman
Dallas Amnesia Victim: "Hows Romo"   

   A 59-year-old Dallas man has been wandering the streets of Dallas for 25 days. After he was found and returned to his home, it was diagnosed he had amnesia. The first clue? When questioned, the man called Joe asked “Did Romo put the Cowboys in the Super Bowl?”

    That’s pretty much proof the 25-Day-Wandering-Man was an amnesia victim. The second clue was when 25-Day-Joe asked “Did T.O. set a touchdown record in the NFC finals?”

    The hospital attendee being asked these questions, from a guy who had lost 25 pounds and had a full white beard and a stale bagel and a few strawberry jelly packets in his pocket, was very cautious in answering because he was trying to ease the guy back into reality without completely blowing his mind.

    Attendee: No, the Cowboys didn’t quite make it to the Super Bowl.” 
    25-Day-Joe: But next year, Parcells will have Romo and Owens playing with precision, right?
    Attendee: Well, not exactly… er…
    25-Day-Joe: But Romo can do no wrong, right? Everybody still loves him, right?

    Attendee: Well, not exactly… er…
    25-Day-Joe: Well, who did Dallas play in the playoffs?

    Attendee: The Seahawks.  Seattle.
    25-Day-Joe: Oh,  that’s where? Did we smoke them? Romo was the hero, wasn’t he?
(Joe asks this as he’s shaving off his white beard.)

Dallas Amnesia Victim: Hows Romo by Stan Silliman   humor sports comedy cartoons
    Attendee: Well, not exactly… er… the game came down to a 20 yard field goal by Dallas.
    25-day-Joe: That’s a chip shot. You can’t miss that, right?

    Attendee: Well, not exactly. You can. You can miss if your holder muffs the snap.
    25-Day-Joe: Huhhh? I’m shaving here! The holder? Tony Romo? Our all-world quarterback drops the snap. But he can pick it up and still run it in… right?

    Attendee: Uhhhh….
    25-Day-Joe: Oh, nooo. Owww. He doesn’t make it in, does he? Oh, allright. Well, at least we finished good and Parcells is excited about next year? Huhhh? I said, with Romo and Owens and the Boys, Parcells thinks we can get them next year? Right? Rightttt?

    Attendee: Not exactly. Parcells… retired.
    25-Day-Joe: Did somebody assassinate Bush near the grassy knoll? You wouldn’t pull the leg of a poor amnesia victim would you? I’ve been wondering the streets. I’ve been told I was found twenty miles from home and you’re telling me… Parcells threw in the towel?

    Attendee: I’ve been told you gained back most of your memory except for the 25 days. Listen to me. No more Tuna. But the Mavericks, they ain’t lost a game. For the 25 days you’ve been walking, they’ve won every game. If you want to wander another 25 days, Mark Cuban might pay you.

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