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By Stan Silliman
Blame Neon for Tomahawking Cow

       How many people love Tomahawk-chopping-cows?

    Are you one who does?  If so drive past Turner Field in Atlanta to see a 40 foot mechanical cow with a sign reading “Do da chop. Eat da Chikin.”

    I’ll say it again.  On top of the Atlanta Braves Baseball stadium there’s a 15,000 pound Holstein cow wearing a Braves hat, doing a double-jointed tomahawk chop.  I don’t know about you but this situation promises something to offend everyone… PETA, vegans, architectural purists, spelling teachers, maybe even you.

    First off, Native Americans hate the tomahawk chop.  Not a fan of the chop.  But, in the past at least humans were doing the chop and the inane war-chants.  Now, Indians get to enjoy one of their favorite cattle breeds doing a double-jointed chop.  Double whoop.

    Atlanta based Chik-Fil-A paid for and created this moooving, leg-bending-wrong-direction sign.
Are you a fan of the Chik-Fil-A ads where they use Holstein cows that can spell, but badly, to tell people to “Eat mor chikin”?  They are funny ads but only when you don’t think about them.  When you think about them the questions never end.  First, if we assume spelling, writing cows, why do they have to be such bad spellers?  Is it because they’re dumb animals?  Apparently not too dumb to parachute and try to save their brothers and sisters from being hamburgers.  Besides, these gals are Holsteins, whose total farm experience is milking and producing more milk cows.  Why would these guys give up their cushy existence to radically push humans into eating chickens?  And then you have to ask why the cows hate chickens, their barnyard buddies?  We should be seeing the cows with signs reading “Eat mor vegees” or if they’re really had it in for another animal, it should be “Eat more wolfs.”
Blame Neon for Tomahawking Cow by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
    Of course lots of people love the funny cows and Chik-Fil-A was smart not to use a cute chicken in its ads.  That way they don’t have the equivalent of the guy in a pig suit barking at you to come to the BBQ as if to say “Come on in and eat my brother, he’s juicy and delicious.” We avoid the
awkward questions that used to come when we’d go to an old fashion steak house with their walls covered in pastoral scenes and photos of sad eyed cows.  

    Will history make you happy?  The chop and the war chant originated at FSU.  Florida State has an agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida to use the logo, the chant and chop.  When Deion (Neon) Sanders from FSU played for the Braves in the early 90’s, Atlanta fans adopted the chop and it stuck. 

    So there it is:  You have a guy with a sign (neon) for a nickname responsible for a huge mechanical tomahawking Holstein sign. Sport sponsorship is hilarious sometimes.  Udderly hilarious.  

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