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By Stan Silliman
Enough World Series Events, Already, Agree?

Enough World Series events, already! Okay?

Stan Silliman is on his soapbox again. I swore to retire it as soon as I used the last bar of soap but this proliferation of World Series events forced me to drag it out from under the bed.

Can we agree?

Or do you like the poker and the diving and the foosball and the tiddlywinks and the rodeo and the comedy and the whatever coat tailing baseball for whatever event deemed worthy of it's own special "World Series"?

It's like our national past time never bothered to trade mark their yearly fall event.

Didn't Baseball ever hear of ... uh... one of those thingees? You know what I mean? Those thingees? With their pinstripe suits, and their briefcases... and their vocabularies... and their law degrees?

Lawyers, for crying out loud! Couldn't Baseball afford one of those? Is not like their average employee is making $ 3.4 million dollars a year. Oh wait, it is. Still you'd think they could afford one or two of those attorney thingees

Couldn't they? Couldn't they protect the name of their eagerly awaited fall event?

We’ll try to answer those questions and explore all possible series events. 

You know in baseball, there's also a College World Series and a Little League World Series.

We can understand those, they're baseball. Papa Ball isn't going to deny their feeder organizations an opportunity to tag the baseballness of the World Series name.

Besides, the Little League World Series is a true "world" series. They include teams from around the world.The most MLB can hope for is once in while a team from Canada might make it. Yeah, right.
The first World Series was in 1903 between the Boston Americans of the AL and the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NL. It was disorganized and discontinued in 1904.because of a dispute over money.

It was picked up again in 1905 and continued through the years despite the Black Sox scandal of 1919.

But was the term "World Series" trademarked?

No, we can't find any early records. Perhaps baseball thought no one else would dare steal the name because, you know, baseball players have bats, great weapons, and they know how to use them.

Major League Baseball finally did decide to trademark the name "World Series" in 1981. Their application number is 73230895. Their filing date was September 11, 1979.  The registration was approved on November 17, 1981.

It's possible since baseball waited so long they were only able to trademark the words for their industry. It may be other sports and other industries had already used various variations of "World Series" by 1981. We'll check into this. We do know the NFL trademarked "Superbowl" in 1969, a full ten years ahead of MLB.

Here's another World Series, the World Series of Poker.Yeah, makes sense. Because when you think baseball, you associate it with poker.

Why? It's simple: five cards in a hand... and five fingers in a hand holding a bat. The fifth inning is the middle inning in a nine inning game and a fifth is what you drink when playing poker... or baseball if you're Babe Ruth, who also liked playing poker on the train.

Also, Abner Doubleday created baseball and Abner Doubledown invented poker. So you see?

The World Series of Poker started in Las Vegas in 1970 by Benny Binion at the Horseshoe Casino. The event is currently owned by Caesar's.
Enough World Series Events, Already, Agree?  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
Tons of people play in the WSOP. Seriously, tons of people. In 2006, there were 877 tons of poker players holding their cards like Texans, or Omahans, or pretending to be studs.

If Binion trademarked the name in 1970 he beat MLB by eleven years. Plus, he did it in Las Vegas which, so far, seems to be the home of things, other than baseball, known as World Series.

Other World Series in Las Vegas include World Series of Team Roping, World Series of Golf, World Series of Blackjack, World Series of Monopoly and the World Series of Beer Pong  which, starting in 2006 with a first year first prize at $ 10,000, later increased to $ 50,000 after  moving to the Flamingo where close to 300 teams participate.

Beer Pong team names are always creative and the winners didn't disappoint. The first winning team was "Team France" because we know how much they love beer in France. The next winners were "We Own Your Face" followed by "Chauffeuring the Fat Kid", followed by "Smashing Time" twice, The last event was announced by Bruce "Let's Get Ready to Pretend I'm My Brother" Buffer.

I could go on but believe me when I say there’s over 30 other world series. Enough is enough. Thanks.
Now I jump off my soapbox.

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