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By Stan Silliman
Game Of The Century?

LSU vs Alabama, Game of the Century - really?  I know ESPN loves to hype but if a 9-6 overtime game goes down as the game of the century then I believe America is ready to fall in love with soccer.

Yes, there can be masterpiece defensive games and some say this was BUT… to be a masterpiece game there should be at least one NFL capable quarterback in the game.  Or go-to name receivers. Or field goal kickers who can make half their attempts, or teams playing to win rather than not to lose. Then, you can call it a defensive masterpiece.

A Game of the Century should include one touchdown. I’m not asking for a dozen, not wanting a Pac-12 or a Big-12 shootout, just a measly touchdown. Give the scoreboard operator something to do, make him earn his money. 

Game of the Century, really?

I’ve been to one game of its century when Nebraska beat Oklahoma with the game featuring tough defenses and precision offenses. I watched another game people called the Game of the Century when USC played Texas in a BCS championship game which may have featured more future NFL first round draft choices than any college game. Those games had great defensive play as well as breathe taking offensive play with other world performers like Vince Young and Reggie Bush.

The snooze fest that was LSU vs. Alabama doesn’t deserve to be in the same conversation. 

You’re probably saying what a moment, Silliman, Silliman on Sports rarely discusses individual games. Individual games aren’t funny. There’s no humor in a toughly played SEC game.

We agree. However, when a game is overhyped, someone (ESPN) needs to be held responsible. And many times there is humor when the emperor turns out to be wearing no clothes.  This game was the equivalent of Geraldo Rivera’s Al Capone vault opening. It is the Y2K scare squared. It’s like putting the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian wedding on par with the Prince William-Kate festival. It was like expecting Arnold to be as good a governor as he was an actor. On second thought, scratch that one. But you know what I mean. The game was about two very good defensive teams, however you need more than that to call it The Game of the Century. 
GAME OF THE CENTURY? by Stan Silliman
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Were we, as fans, disappointed? Not in the game for those of us expecting inept offenses and smash-mouth defenses. But, to live up to the billing and the hype, let’s say somewhat.  Expectations of athletes being able to hold on to passes, kickers being accurate and Trent Richardson running over 250 pound linebackers weren’t met.  I also expected Atom to knock out Zeus to win the boxing robot title.

Do we want to see a rematch? That depends on whether you’re a SEC hype drinker or a normal football fan. Normal fans would like to see LSU’s spectacular defense against an offense with some semblance of skill. See how it fairs against Andrew Luck craftiness, or Landry Jones accuracy, or OSU balance.  The Tigers might shut them down but, at least, we’ll see a shutdown of a team with offensive accomplishments.  Then it might deserve to be called… whatever. Just not GOTC Two.

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