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By Stan Silliman

       Kevin Bookout, world class athlete and power forward for Oklahoma University basketball team is becoming a legend. His play as a freshman basketball player amazes people. His exploits as the high school national shot put and discus champion while at Stroud, Oklahoma only adds to the legend. Add to that shooting at an 85% clip on basketball court, hitting 65 homeruns and pitching a 93 mph fastball…well, you can see. Of course, here at S.O.S, we always attempt to separate fact from fiction – but legend, that’s another story. On legend, we’re not so good, so we’ll leave it up to you. One thing we are sure of, the windy destruction knocking down the Outlet Mall, north of Stroud, did not happen when Bookout exhaled when flinging his discus.

       Kevin Bookout’s dog is named Sailor. Named so because whenever discus champ Bookout plays frisbie, his dog catches it and sails out of the county.

       During a re-inactment of the war, a cannon went down. Bookout was recruited to toss out the cannon balls and killed sixteen soldiers.

       In highschool, Bookout would play baseball, as the designated hitter, and do track in the same day.  He would hit a home run, run the bases and then head straight on to the track field to do the shot put. He once hit a baseball so far, it came down at the same time as his shot put.

       Whenever Kevin Bookout goes into the Stroud bowling alley, the pins run and hide.

       Bookout can squash a bowling ball with his bare hand, take a bite from the bowling ball, give you the leftovers… and make you like it.Kevin Bookout
    Near Stroud a family of dwarfs was found living in one of Bookout’s footprints.

     Aliens, running low on fuel and looking for a place to land, saw the large concrete slab from the former Outlet Mall at Stroud. Recruited to help them escape the Earth’s gravitational pull, Booklout slung the saucer into outer space.  

     Cow tipping is popular near Stroud. You can often see Bookout setting the cows right side up.
      He once jogged with a fridge on his back. William Perry.

      William Perry and John Madden challenged Bookout to a rib eating contest but quickly withdrew when they saw Bookout using live cows.

      Bookout easily won the cow chip tossing contest at Beaver, Oklahoma. When one of the contestants complained that Bookout’s slinging style was illegal, Bookout slung the contestant and placed second on that toss.

      He framed Roger Rabbit.    

      Bookout’s memory is so good, he can remember all the words to “Boomer Sooner.”

      We’re checking on that one.    
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