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Limbaugh Defense of Grossman Laughable by Stan Silliman     humor sports comedy cartoons articles


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By Stan Silliman
Limbaugh Defense of Grossman Laughable   

   Will he ever learn?

    In defense of Rex Grossman, Rush Limbaugh has jumped back on his soapbox to say the media is only attacking Grossman because he’s a white quarterback. (Yes, we know, the soapbox crumbled under the weight. Little soaps flying everywhere. People slipping on the soap bars… What kind of soap? Ivory White, I guess. I don’t know. Yes, some slipping on the soaps hurt their back and are now addicted to OxyContin.) 
Limbaugh Defense of Grossman Laughable by Stan Silliman     humor sports comedy cartoons articles
    This is what happens when the war isn’t going so good and everybody seems to have turned on your boy and your party. You’ve got to find some white guy to defend.

    In case people don’t remember, Rush said the exact same thing a few years ago when he considered himself an NFL commentator. At the time he remarked Donovan McNabb was not a very good quarterback and was only given a pass because the media wanted to favor black quarterbacks. You turn his latest Super Bowl comment around and it’s six-of-one. McNabb later led the Eagles to a Super Bowl so Rush’s statement proved to be so off-the-money it wasn’t even near the wallet.

      Let’s call it what it is. Limbaugh has some kind of obsession with black quarterbacks and it’s so… 1985. Rush also has an obsession with what he calls “the media.” Both obsessions are off the mark. 

    To further enlighten Rush as to what century we’re in, black quarterbacks have played in NFL playoff games since 1975: James Harris, L.A. Rams. They played in conference championship games since 1980: Doug Williams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One won a Super Bowl as far back as 1988: Doug Williams, Washington Redskins. Since then McNair, McNabb and Vick have all played conference championship games with Rush’s buddy, McNabb, going to the Super Bowl in 2005.

    Here’s Rush’s quote “I can’t handle anymore press criticism of Rex Grossman. They’re writing his name W-R-E-C-K-S.  They’re focusing on this guy like they don’t focus on anybody! And I tell you, I know what it is. The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they’re dumping on this guy – Rex Grossman – for one reason, folks, and that’s because he’s a white quarterback.”

    We like the fact Rush chooses to defend Rex, especially the part about defending someone who has had his name miss-spelled, punified, if you will, for the purpose of denigration. In fact, we commend Rush so much for this that we decided to poll the subjects of Rush Limbaugh’s talk show to see if they, too, applaud the idea of not misconstruing, mispronouncing, renaming, punning, or in general changing someone’s name for the purpose of laughing at it.  “Algore” is all for it. “Ashley Wilkes” who we swore was originally Wesley Clarke is up for it, too. “Barack Hussein Odumbo” called so because of something to do with ears “dittos” the idea. “Bruce B-bb-bbb-bbbb-babbit” put down his carrot and said he, too, saw nothing wrong with this new policy.  Joseph “Chia Pet” Biden put down his comb and said he is all for it. “Dan Blather” said he’d rather not comment. Patrick “Leaky Leahy” had nothing against it. Henry “Nostrilitis” Waxman sniffed that Grossman’s treatment smelled funny. And finally, former National Security Advisor to President Clinton, Sandy “Sandy Burglar” Berger says he agrees with Rush that it is wrong to call Rex WRECKS. We agree, also, that it’s mighty white of you Rush. Hear, hear.

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