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By Stan Silliman

Can you wrap your head around Jeremy Lin, his shockingly good performances and the mania it is causing - the sleeping on his brother’s couch, the end-of-the-bench fairytale, having 5’6” parents and growing to be 6’3”, the Rudyness and Rockyness of it all? Here’s one shocker – he’s in the NBA and he graduated college. It’s almost unheard of.

Here’s another head-scratcher: Of all the fans really, really crazy over Lin, his biggest supporters are other NBA players. And many of these guys, like Anthony Bogut and  Metta World Peace are Lin-tweeting like crazy, throwing puns around like elbows.

Here’s Bogut: “Breaking: ESPN could be officially renamed LISPN soon!”
Metta World Peace answers “Jeremy Lin can score on anyone without a probLIN.”

Followed by “Excuse me ma’am, are you Latino? What LINguage do you speak?”
Comment break here: That was stupid, Ron.

Steve Nash makes more sense “It’s crazy. I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. Hope I never grow up.”
Here’s Metta to make sure you never grow up: “Are you LINsane? Can you LIN me a dollar? Is there a LINiear eclipse tonight? I might wear LINing tonight.”

Do you remember noting Lin graduated from college? Well, Ron Artest (Metta’s old name) went to college, also, for two years so this doesn’t reflect well on St. John’s. Do not expect St. John’s to be using Metta World Peace tweets in their promotional brochures. Especially this one:

“Chinese currency should be LIN instead of YEN…”
Um, gee, Metta weighs 260 pounds and likes to box. Is it such a good idea to point out the YEN is not Chinese currency?
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Two things we take away from the Lin story: 1) Beds make you soft and 2) Steal food off your sibling’s plate. Why? Because he crashed on his brother’s couch not wanting to risk signing a year’s lease and as a growing boy, he ate twice as much as his brothers, thereby outgrowing them by five to six inches, justifying a limerick:

“Eat twice as much as your siblings
Leave them only a few of the nibblings 
This advice will carry you far
If you plan to be a NBA star
Of course, it helps to be adept at dribbling.”

Another limerick:

“It’s enough to make your head spin
The exploits of Jeremy Lin
From couch to a hero
Like going 60 from zero
As a starter for seven straight wins.”

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