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By Stan Silliman
Mardi Gras to Go On

This just in.  Whether or not the Saints win the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras will go on as planned.

Earlier plans to cancel Mardi Gras, should the Saints lose, have been scuttled.  Just kidding, Saints fans.  If any city ever deserved to celebrate a team in the Super Bowl, it would be New Orleans.  And if the Super Bowl happens to be on the Sunday just before Mardi Gras, so much the better. 

Saints fans have already let their good times roll into South Florida. They have brought their crawdads and their “who dats” and their fiddles and their Zydeco music and have turned South Beach into Bourbon Street. They came from Met’tree and be hangin’ from the gall-reeee and be talkin’ about Drew Bree. Saints fans are taking over Collins Avenue and Ocean Drive

We sent Little Lyle down to Miami (N’awlins East) to interview a Saints fan or two and we told him to brush up on his Cajun so he could understand their responses. Results:

Little Lyle: I found a Saints fan. What is your name, sir?
Saints fan: Jean Claude Devreaux. Houma, Louisiana.
Little Lyle: Who ya going to lose to? The Colts, that’s who.
Saints fan: The Colts? The Colts? Who dat?
Little Lyle: Indianapolis Colts. Sir, when N’awlins boy Manning beats you are you going to give up red beans and booze for lent?
Saints fan: Soc au’ lait. (What the?) Youse too picayune to be doggin’ my Saints.

Little Lyle: I’ll find another one. Here’s one in a Saints hat. Sir, what is your name?
Saints Fan 2: Jean Claude Boudreaux. Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana.
Little Lyle: Actually I drive a Honda, sir. Tell me what are you going to do when the Colts go marchin’ in all over your team?
Saints Fan 2: Laissez le Bon temp roule’. (let the good times roll)
Little Lyle: The guy walked away and then he said LeBron was lazy temporarily, I think. Hey, I wonder if that yat knows they’re not playing Cleveland. And it’s football.
Mardi Gras to Go On by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
Little Lyle: Oh, well. I’ll try this again. Here’s a tatted up skinny old guy. Your name, sir?
Saints Fan 3: Max Cady. Cape Fear, North Carolina.
Little Lyle: Oh, good. For a moment I thought every Saints fan was named Jean Claude.
Saints Fan 3: That’s a little Van Dammish, isn’t it?
Little Lyle: I’ll say. And the last fan I interviewed didn’t know football from basketball. This is the first time ever for the Saints to reach the Super Bowl. So many years of losing.
Saints Fan 3: Oh yeah, I know all about loss. Do you mind if’n I held your keys?
Little Lyle: The keys to my Honda? You’re not going to tell me to buy a Ford, are you?
Saints Fan 3: It’s been fourteen years since I held a set uh keys. Do you mind if’n I put my arm around you?
Little Lyle: You’re… you’re… you’re an old guy with lots of tattoos!
Saints Fan 3: Are you my friend? Are you my friend? My granddaddy used to handle snakes in church. Do you mind walkin’ me to your car?
Little Lyle: Don’t you want to talk about Drew Brees? Reggie Bush? The defense? Mommie!!


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