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O.J. Trial: A MasterCard Moment  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles


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By Stan Silliman
O.J. Trial: A MasterCard Moment

       When the “Guilty… Guilty… Guilty” verdict came back in OJ’s armed robbery of sports memorabilia, the look on OJ’s face was, in the advertising vernacular of Mastercard, PRICELESS.

    This was the look Fred Goldman expected to see years ago in the murder trial and almost saw in OJ’s wrongful death civil suit but not quite because OJ displayed a slight smugness knowing he had no intention of ever earning money the Goldmans could attach per their judgment.

    The look on Al Cowlings’ face as he and his white Broncho were waiting for OJ outside the Las Vegas courtroom to whisk him to the airport in time to make a South Florida tee time was also… PRICELESS.

    The look on the face of Reggie Bush, who was no where near the trial but now realizes that just because you’re a celebrated Heisman-trophy-winning-U.S.C.-running-back-with-a room-lighting-smile, you can’t get away with everything, was again… PRICELESS.

    Priceless, because now Reggie Bush knows, with his own trial pending for not paying back advances from a sports agent while he was still at U.S.C. could land both Bush and his school in trouble; so much trouble that, in another television ad reference, he may no longer get to share a Subway sandwich with Jerad.

    The look on the face of Kim Kardashian, featured on Dancing with the Stars and her own reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, who also happens to be Reggie Bush’s girlfriend and wouldn’t be Reggie’s girl, or be dancing or starring in her own show had it not been for OJ’s first trial with her dad, Robert, introducing OJ to Robert Shapiro to set up the dream team, was… well you know… duh… not so priceless. Even though she’s supposed to be an actress, her range of facial expressions doesn’t quite reach… PRICELESS. 

    Besides, she’s not black, so she might like a credit card called Mastercard.
O.J. Trial: A MasterCard Moment  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
    But, once she realizes OJ’s mantra, creed, overriding drive is possessiveness or the “what was once mine will always be mine” attitude might pertain to all coddled U.S.C. running backs we expect a light bulb to go off in her head and her facial expression to change to… no we don’t. We’re kidding. There are no light bulbs anywhere near that pretty head of hers.

    OJ could possibly get life in prison. The sentence may not fit the crime, may not be fair.
Except for one thing and again we’re using the advertising vernacular: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In other words, if you commit a crime in Vegas, you’ll do time in Vegas or in a Nevada prison or you’ll end up buried in the desert by Joey Pesci or one of his buddies. The moral: Never commit a crime in Vegas. Don’t believe the Danny Ocean movies.  If you steal in a casino or from a hotel, whatever fingers you used to commit the theft will stay in Vegas… with or without the rest of your body. If you break into a hotel meeting room in Vegas, it’s not California.

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