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Silliman on Sports
By Stan Silliman

Here’s to you, Charles Aaron “Bubba” Smith
You massive redwood, you giant of a man,
You played the game magnificently… with
A heart huge… as big as a new Dodge van;
Backfield liver, you, pass rusher superb
Quarterbacks, they feared you, as well they should
For when blockers fell away, there you stood
A nightmare, passers all disturbed
Scared and shaking, set to meet the Bubba
Like a brittle piece of sniveling balsa wood.

Here’s to you, Cadet Moses Hightower
In Police Academy, you made us laugh
With personality so sweet, never sour
Unlike Cadet Tackleberry, David Graf
You big-bodied florist turned policeman
You never wanted to hurt a soul, but
Could do so, should the situation come up
There’s your cue to say “Freeze, man.”
Scared and shaking, set to meet the Bubba
They are always frightened, just to sum up.
ODE TO A BUBBA by Stan Silliman humor
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Here’s to you, TV pitchman, “Less Filling!”
Treasured Bubba Miller commercials of beer,
Loved by football lovin’ alcoholics
In Baltimore, Oakland, yes, everywhere
But here, the better Bubba came to pass
Shunning dough, in favor of a child’s mind
Dropping all images of the negative kind
You quit the beer ads, denied them your mass
You were all class, the one we call Bubba
You were the epitome, by all we define.

Here’s to you, Spartan Charles Aaron Smith
North to East Lansing to be Bubba the Great
You went up there, like a yacht cast adrift
Jim Crow meant you can’t play in your home state
Texas, even though you were Beaumont proud
Longhorns couldn’t sign you, twasn’t allowed
Too bad for the quarterbacks, mainly Hanratty
Not ready for Bubba, the Irish not too
You flinged them, like rag dolls, trapped in a zoo
Poor Terry, like others, they ended up batty.
Bubba Smith passed on August 3rd   at age 66.  Too soon.

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