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Crazy Packer Fans Outdo One Another by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles


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By Stan Silliman
Crazy Packer Fans Outdo One Another

         A Green Bay Fox affiliate cancelled a Seinfeld re-run at 5:30 last Saturday because they heard it was Eli Manning’s favorite show. Station said it was trying to do its part. That’s crazy.

    A nun won the right to be on the field for the coin toss the previous week by winning an essay contest. Now, the Packers want her there every week because she brought them good luck.

    An 11-year-old Packer fan named David Witthoft has been wearing the same Brett Favre Jersey since he got it for Christmas as a seven-year-old. That’s over four years, folks and, if you ask us, a little crazy.

    In 2002, third grade teacher, Wanda Boggs, was voted into Packers Fan Hall of Fame
based on essays by her students. Examples: “Mrs. Boggs explodes like a volcano if the Packers win. She is covered in green. If she could she would paint her house gold and green. She likes to eat cheese three times a day. She has cheese earrings.”

    Packer fans are crazy. That is accepted throughout the league. There is something about attending games in sub-zero weather or even just watching them on television, combined with eating lots of cheese, that sends people over the edge.

    Well, these past few years the crazies are out-doing themselves.
    Last year a couple was charged with child abuse when they had to run off to the Potowatami Casino to watch a Packer’s game but before leaving they locked their 7-year-old boy in his room with a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly, and a you-know-what bucket, which he was going to have to clean if he used it. That’s crazy.

    It wasn’t like they couldn’t afford a babysitter, the district attorney stated in front of a jury composed mostly of Packer fans. You’d think these Packer fans might be understanding, right? After all, this couple was hurrying out to catch a Packer’s game and the buffet at the Potowatami is not to sneeze at. Well, the jury was sympathetic until the DA drove the could-afford-a babysitter point home by holding up picture after picture of valuable Packer memorabilia the couple owned. These pictures were good enough for seven month and nine month sentences.

    Does the craziness stop there? No!

    Last week a man was arrested for taping a Packers jersey to his 7-year-old son after the boy refused to wear the jersey. What is it with Packer fans and 7-year olds? Yes, it was the playoff game against Seattle. Yes, the home was in the Packer hot bed town of Pardeeville. Not to be confused with the staying up late town - Partyville. And yes, some cheese was eaten and some drinking was involved. What? In Wisconsin? Beer??? That never happens! The 36-year-old guy – Matthew Kowald -- was arrested, still wearing green by the way, restraining order issued with a mug shot circulating the internet.
Crazy Packer Fans Outdo One Another by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles

    By the way, Jerry Seinfeld, when he heard about the station and the Eli Manning thing expressed shipped the complete boxed set to Eli.

    The eleven year old kid is still wearing the Brett Favre jersey. Hey! Does the cold weather stop you from growing? Shouldn’t the seams be all busted by now? That’s just crazy.

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