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Papa Smurf Being UnSmurfy by Stan Silliman


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By Stan Silliman
Papa Smurf being UnSmurfy

        Middleweight boxing champion, Arthur Abraham, has been told to de-Smurfify himself.
    If you ask me, and I’m turning blue over all this, that’s downright unsmurfy.

    Okay, let’s back up. You all know I’m for the little guy, the underdog, the David, if we must be historical and a middleweight boxing champion, IBF Middleweight champ, to be exact (as if he could be more underdog) is usually a short guy… with a smashed-in nose.    

    Folks,  this is exactly what we have, an Armenian with a smashed-in nose wearing a golden Smurf hat trotting up to the ring to the tune of the smurf theme song escorted by three girls painted blue. Smurfettes? Yes. And it is cool. It is German boxing cool. Father Abraham (no relation to the boxer) belting out his European hit “The Smurf Song” and three hotter-than-hot, painted-blue female smurfs sashaying while Arthur Abraham wears such a serious focused scowl you’re screaming “What’s going on???” Like I said, this is German boxing cool… and the people who own the Smurf trademark are saying otherwise… un-cool things: like cease-and-desisssst (that’s in my best German smurfy lisp).     

    By the way, The Smurfs were one of my daughter’s favorite cartoons and we watched many smurfy situations together. Even if the Smurfs were little blue European commies, they were funny little communists. They shared everything. There was no farmer smurf selling his crops to consumer smurf. They all lived in their little village with every last blue guy sharing the production of all the other blue guys. They all wore the same color, sang the same song everywhere they went and all had their assigned jobs. That’s why I can’t understand this cease-and-desist deal. Cease-and-desist is not a communist concept. Communism is about sharing. Nobody had the job of Boxer Smurf. Art Abraham saw the need, donned a cap and went about his smurfy way.

    Like I said, I’m for the little guy. Even if the guys fighting against the little guy are themselves little guys. So when cheery little creatures step out of the commune and go into the courts to keep a little guy from his livelihood of punching other little guys in the gut while wearing a smurf hat, it’s enough to make you go “La la la la la la…” and march around like a … you know.   
Papa Smurf Being UnSmurfy by Stan Silliman
    I’m sure Pierre “Peyo” Culliford, the Belgian cartoonist who first conceived the Smurfs, if he were still in charge (he died in 1992) would not allow this travesty.  And if his son, Thierry, listened to his dad we wouldn’t be seeing this court action, either. Yes, this cease stuff comes from Studio Peyo and or Warner Brothers (scrambled spells out Gargermel… or Mel Gibson backwards) combining to be the very capitalistic evil villains of our story.

    Abraham had to throw in the hat. The Smurf girls had to remove their paint (now you can tell when they’re choking) and when Arthur boxes no Smurf theme song is played. The wall came down in Germany and the Chinese are becoming more capitalistic. You may not immediately see the connection but the Chinese are making a lot of the Smurf products, even for Gargermel… er, we mean Warner Brothers. Now Arthur Abraham bills himself as King Arthur, carries around a round table and finds it quite smurfy.

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