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Poor Little Sister New Favorite


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By Stan Silliman
Poor Little Sister New Favorite

           Bet your money on Poor Little Sister.

    You know us here at Silliman and we’ve never touted a race horse before but this time sentiment has grabbed us. This horse – Poor Little Sister –has a lot of folks praying for it, and we’re talking professionals, ladies who know a bit about praying, the Little Sisters of the Poor in Albany. The filly was donated to the nunnery and is about to be auctioned off at Saratoga Springs in hopes of one day coming in as a derby winner, or whatever, with 20% of her future winnings coming back to the Little Sisters.

    We’re talking a filly with a following, folks. Save your money for her maiden race and that’ll be a few years away. But when Sis hits the post parade a few prayers will be recited, a few beads will be counted. If divine intervention has anything to do with how well the sire and the dam worked out their genetics, let’s just say this filly has a leg up on the field.

    We don’t know much about Poor Little Sister.

    She might be a rail runner, in which case the nuns could make it a habit of lining up near the rail… in their habits.
    She could be a mudder, in which case there’s a certain group that will pray for rain.
    She could be a mudlark, in which case it will be a very rainy season.
    She could be a stayer, better at long distances, in which case all the sisters would have a prayer for the stayer.
We could say this horse likes to Gallop but we don’t what state she’s going to run in.     
    We could say this horse is a fast canter but why bring a different religion into the discussion. 
    One thing we do know, Little Sis won’t be a sulker. She’ll go all out. She has a lot of sisters pulling for her.
Poor Little Sister
    Another thing we know, we think, is even if her racing career goes not as hoped, she won’t be a teaser. For those who haven’t been around the breeding farms who may not know what a teaser is, it’s just like it sounds. It’s the advance mare who gets the stallion ready for the bloodmare. We’re sure the Little Sisters wouldn’t want this.

    Of course, everything depends on who buys her, what kind of training she gets, how she develops. Poor Little Sister is a thoroughbred and is now six months old. Other than that, we don’t know much. 

   One thing we do know is the nunnery, the Little Sisters of the Poor, has been used over and over again by coaches as the example that their opponent is better than. How many times have you heard the winning coach say, after his team trounces the other team, “Hey, this was Big-Time University we played, we weren’t playing the Little Sisters of the Poor.” In that respect, the Nunnery’s name has become synonymous with Podunk College or the weakest of the weak. And, in reality, the order does good work all over the world, and has for years. Their order was the first to attend to the Hiroshima victims, Tsunami victims, etc. That’s why we’re pulling for this horse. If there is any justice in this world we want all those disrespectful coaches eating their words when Poor Little Sister wins the Kentucky Derby.

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