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Silliman on Sports
By Stan Silliman

             Rush Limbaugh has made a bid to be a minority owner of the St.Louis Rams. Really?? The same Rush Limbaugh who made the Donovan McNabb is unqualified statement? The same Rush, who was attributed to saying “the NFL has become the Bloods vs. the Crips without weapons”? Errr… let’s just say… fireworks! Controversy! Opinions all across the internet.

    One article on Rush buying the team sparked 350 responses, another had over 200 replies. An article came out today written by Ohm Youngmisuk in the NY Daily News quoting black football players saying they wouldn’t play for the Rams if Rush were part owner drew another 300 emails. We thought you’d be interested in a few of the more colorful ones. You might want to cover your ears:

    Here’s a comment by MH99 who seems to be anti-Rush “Let him buy the team. Then the majority of black players will avoid playing for his team and watch him have a winless season. Then we can watch Rush get on his show and blame black people for all his woes.”

    Comes back a Rush defender called emtmotorman “You pitiful losers, knocking Rush? Do you realize he just made more in the last ten minutes than you losers will make all year? There will be black players who’ll want to play for him cause money talks and BS walks.”

    “If those players listened to Rush, they’d know he’s not racist,” says Silverado “I’m sure they’d have no trouble playing for a Farahkan or a Sharpton owned team.”

    Dannyandmaria answers with “This guy said he wanted Obama to fail which, to any intelligent person, means he wants our country to fail and then he applauds when Chicago doesn’t get the Olympics… yeah, Rush is a real patriot.”

    GuiseppeFranco piles on with “The guy should buy the Redskins, the team with a racist name. Perfect fit.”

    UES comes to his defense “I bet the same people who say Rush shouldn’t own a team are the ones supporting Vick’s return. Hypocrisy! Name one thing Rush has said that is racist! You can’t do it. Not liking Obama is not racism. It’s ideology!”
RUSH? RAMS? REALLY?!  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
    Noss541 defends Rush on his drug record “Hey, the NFL has let former criminals play on teams. Why not let a former criminal own a team?”

    Charleyblvd feels sorry for Rush “That McNabb statement ruined something that could have been great for Rush because I believe every sports fan dreams of becoming an owner and to have the players say they will not play for you… that has to suck.” 

    Yankees621 doesn’t feel so sorry “Someone who wishes our country to fail or for us to lose the Olympics purely because of ideology doesn’t deserve to get his pocket lined from the playing of a uniquely American sport.”

     StLCardinals4ever adds “Rush will add conservatives to the Rams fan base. Rush is very much misunderstood and Clarence Thomas has performed well.” Editor’s note: Good place to end.

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