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Trinity's Squash Streak Still Alive by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles


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By Stan Silliman
Trinity's Squash Streak Still Alive

   New England Patriots, prepare to be humbled.
    Miami Dolphins, you too.
    Ditto, for the Oklahoma Sooners of the 47-straight-games, 1953-1957, variety.
    I’m talking to you, also, Mr.-Wooden-led-Bruins and your 88-game-streak.

    Because little Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, puts you all to shame. Their squash team beat No. 2 Princeton, extending the streak to 176 matches. That’s exactly twice the basketball games of the 1971 thru 1974 Bruins, who had back-to-back 30-0 seasons.  TWICE the 88! And these guys aren’t Bruins or Wolverines or Tigers or any kind of ferocious animal. They’re Bantams. They won all these squash games with Bantams as their nickname.

These little Bantams haven’t tasted defeat since 1998. That’s last century, folks – the Twentieth Century to be exact. The STREAK is half as old as most of the players on the team.

This year, many people in college squash thought the streak would end. Many thought it would be a repeat of the 1998 national final Harvard victory. Squash followers thought this because Princeton has the nation’s No.1 ranked player, Mauricio Sanchez, and the nation’s No. 3 ranked player, Kim Lee Wong, and the nation’s No. 4 ranked player in Hesham El-Halaby.  In Squash, finding a team with three players ranked in the top five is almost as rare as finding a ranked player with an English sounding name. Add to that Princeton has seven more players in the top 60. Trinity counters with the No. 2, Baset Chaudry, the No.5, Gustav Detter and six more players in the top 30.

In Squash nine players constitute a team with each game being the first one to nine points. Lots of “nines” we notice. Rallies in squash can last forever. Referees have been known to leave their post, go to the vending machine, grab a soda, come back and find the point still in play. Some points are so long Bill Clinton can start and finish a speech before they are finished. Golfers can make the turn and finish the back nine… well, you get the idea.
Trinity's Squash Streak Still Alive by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles
This match did have its surprises. For one, 800 people watched at Trinity’s Kellner Squash Center. For that many people to come out indicated that the Bantams might be challenged. Whereas for most matches the student body just assumes another win. Trinity’s Baset Chaudry (his last name used to be Ashfaq until he changed it. Don’t know why) beat the No. 1, Sanchez. Gustav Detter, the nation’s fifth ranked player beat No 3, Kim Lee Wong. When it was over, Trinity won 6-3.

    In case you try to belittle Trinity’s streak by thinking there are only a few college squash teams, you would be wrong. There are over sixty teams with the ACC, the Pac 10, the Ivy League, the Big 10 all represented. Trinity’s success is well known even in India and Pakistan, where the world’s best players reside.  Trinity’s streak is talked about and compared to the greatest streak in professional sports which, to no one’s surprise, is also held in squash as in individual victories by one Pakistani pro squash player, Jahangir Khan. Khan set the individual record of 555 consecutive wins from 1981 to 1986. We don’t expect the Bantams to approach that record, but if they do, we’ll write about it. Look for it in Silliman on Sports in the year 2030. Make sure we still have your email … or where we can locate your flying car.

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