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Stan Silliman - Humorist and author with over 300 columns written. "The Custom Comedy Shoppe" was a topical and political column for weekly newspapers. Silliman has edited and published several cartoon humor books including "Sportoons, Bowl Bound", "Silliman's Golden Rules", "It's a Silli-Zyk World", "The News in Double Dactyls" and "Silliman on Sports"  found here.
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"Sportoons, Bowl Bound", "Silliman's Golden Rules", "It's a Silli-Zyk World",  and "The News in Double Dactyls" can be found on the website
Stan is a humorist-public speaker appearing on stage and at over 250 events.Stan is willing to go anywhere people want to hear about the funny side of sports 

Mike KrawczykMike Krawczyk -- is an artist and cartoonist living in Norman, Oklahoma. When he is not creating outrageous sporting scenes for "Silliman on Sports", Mike can be found lampooning politics as the political cartoonist for the Oklahoma Gazette in Oklahoma City. Mike's wit and hilarious illustrations grace the pages of "It's a Silli-Zyk World" and "The News in Double Dactyls". Mike's other talents (voice -overs, thespian, singer, ballerina) are too much to enumerate in this short space.
Note: Michael Stanley Krawczyk Jr. passed away Saturday, May 17, 2014.  He will be deeply missed.)
Q: If we order the column, how will it be sent to us?
A: "Silliman on Sports" is emailed to papers on Mondays with the cartoon sent as a separate attachment.
Q: How often are we billed?
A: Quarterly.
Q: Can we try sample columns on a trial basis?
A: We know your readers will like "Silliman on Sports" so we are willing to let you try three columns on trial basis. We appreciate knowing about any feedback or comments made during the trial period.
Q: Where can readers write to "Silliman on Sports"?
A: They can direct any questions or comments to our email

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